A Work of Art as the Free Search for the Inevitable

An artist and his studio – this archaic topic gains new life in front of us as it gets new specific form. The studio – this time a hall quite obviously intended for industry and trade: a rectangular ground plan, tall raffish walls, big barred windows, a tin gate and roof. In short, just another building churned out to strict functional standards – oblivious of any natural or social backgrounds – projected for manufacturing and storing goods. Once the steamrolling spirit of the modern world eventually abandoned them, once production, logistics and sales wore them out, all that remains are plain structures around a big empty space. These walls, windows, doors and roof still guard the interior from being destructed by the forces of nature. However, this protected inside only houses an empty space...

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Film and Glass as a Different Point of View

A sheet of linen can become the projection screen onto which the mind projects what is "before its eyes" in order to better recognize what is being shown. The painted, the drawn, or the sketched want to become clear to the source that inspired them. Yet, canvas is impenetrable. Although the image leans on it, it remains standing on its own, referring to itself, and losing its transparency. Dreaming – the way which leads to what the image shows – becomes seeing. And, although we do not always succumb to this temptation, this seems to happen all too often.
Something completely different, and highly unexpected, are those images which do not originate on canvas but in glass. Yes, in glass – that’s the right preposition...

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