About the film
This film tells a story of the Roma boy David, who wants to take a part in the international football tournament. David asks his father for support, but the father prefers his guitar and bottle of alcohol... The football team is composed of white and Roma boys. The Roma coach, Vlado Sendrei, tries to engage for this tournament also the boys from detention home. Will David become a member of this football team? What will happen to the team on its way abroad?

Director’s Note
„I wanted to make this film, so I could show the life of Roma people in a bit different way, then it is usuall and common here. The strong relationship between father and son is not presented through its immediate communication. This bond and its strength we should find and see inbetween lines. In my contact and communication with Roma people, the trust is most important. And thanks to this strong trust between us, this film could have been made. I trust and I believe in them and they trust me. This is the point, where it is possible to brake and burn the prejudices. And by crossing these prejudices we can help each other to know better our cultures.“