Burgr, Hurtuk
Ľubo Burgr

1964 born in Prešov, Slovakia.
1979 – 85 studied violin with Štefan Demeter at the Conservatory in Košice.
1985 – 90 member of the orchestra of Jonáš Záborský Theatre in Prešov.
1990 moves to Bratislava.
1991 joins the theatre ensemble “Stoka“ (“Sewage“), contributing as musician, composer and actor.
since 1995 member of the ensemble Požoň Sentimental.
1998 cofounder and leader of the band “Ali Ibn Rachid”.
1996 – 99 studied composition with Prof. Ivan Parík at the Academy of Music and Drama in Bratislava.
1998 cofounder and leader of the band “Ali Ibn Rachid”.
1999 founding member of the band „dogma“ together with Martin Burlas, Zuzana Piussi and Daniel Salontay.
2000 founder of the Association for Contemporary Opera with Martin Burlas.
2003 founder of the A4 – Associations for Contemporary Culture.

Ali Ibn Rachid
Ali Ibn Rachid (1991)

Oracle; From the”Vrátna” Valley; Open the Door; A 1000-year old Wasp; Small Ball; Resonance of the Breath; From Bratislava to New York; Water Music; Three Weeks Have Passed Since I Had Something to Eat; Tick-Tock; Miracle of Your Voice; The Chill Has Got Me; Dýp inaf
Stoka theatre ensemble (1993)

Ali Ibn Rachid
Ali Ibn Rachid (1997)

At the End of Summer; A Colour-blind Lady; All the Time; There Are Angels; The Evil of Envy; Sun and Beach; I’m Waiting
the Moyzes Quartet; Požoň Sentimental; Singspiel of the Stoka theatre (1997)

For Dáša Veškrnová, Saša Mittelbachlerová and Jozefína Ondriščáková; It’s snowing, the snow falls gently, in a small village by the woods a girl is looking for a lover
Požoň Sentimental (1998)

Dogma Quicker and Harder
Z. Piussi, Ľ. Burgr, M. Burlas (2000)

Prašná bašta Social Club
Požoň Sentimental (2009)

Ali ibn Rachid (2009)

Požoň sentimental (2010)

Daniel Hurtuk

Born in Prešov, 1967.
1974 – 1978 – learned the violin at the Folk Art School in Prešov.
1982 – 1983 – co-founded and played in ALFA.
1983 – 1985 – co- founded and played in DOMINO.
1985 – 1986 – played in the accompanying band of JOZEF KERTÉS – FORMÁT.
1987 – 2000– played in VÝCHOD & EDO KLENA.
1988 – up to the present – plays in ALI IBN RACHID.
1990 – 1992 – played in the Peter Olejár Dance Orchestra, « TOPO ».
1992 – 1994 – played in the jazz band S QUARTET.
1992 – 1995 – played in the accompanying band of the Zborový rev choir « ZR ».
2000 – 2010 – played in TIMOTHY.

Prešov Observatory and Planetarium:
Deväť poschodový dom, 1995

Vlado Špurek:
Vlci na moriach, 1997

Zborový rev ZR:
Náš svet, 1994
Prešovská omša - Pred Tebou, 2000

Tóno Mesároš:
Kto verí, 1996
Medzi hviezdami, 2000
Si pre mňa, 2012

Jozef Harničár:
Jožo Harničár a starí priatelia, 2000

Heaven's Shore:
Sure of Heaven, 2002

Dýchaj skrze ma, 2002
Slzy, 2005

Edo Klena:
Edo Klena 91, 1991
Edo Klena, 1994
Východ, 1997
Edo Klena & Východ, 2000

Ali Ibn Rachid:
Ali Ibn Rachid, 1992
Ali Ibn Rachid 2, 1997
Dancing, 2009